Nursing Home Resident
Posted: July 8, 2024

Angela Birnbaum, PhD, FAES, has co-authored a research article that surveyed nursing home medical directors about current nursing home care practices for residents who suffer seizures. Published in Epilepsy & Behavior, Overview of Acute Seizure Management in US Nursing Homes suggests a lack of uniformity in the industry when responding to those… Read More

Institute on the Environment
Posted: July 5, 2024

The Postdoctoral Fellowship program through UMN’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) is breaking new ground to advance interdisciplinary research. Since 2021, IonE has implemented a fresh approach to postdoctoral mentoring. The fellowship program is designed as a “cohort” experience that encourages a stronger sense of community and teamwork with researchers working on environmental and sustainability projects… Read More

Kura Clover along corn rows
Posted: July 2, 2024

An ongoing research project with UMN’s Water Resources Center evaluates cover crop approaches that may lead to cost savings for producers and a reduction in environmental impacts. In a story posted on the Center’s website on June 28, researchers report on several scenarios studied to determine how various approaches might reduce nitrate leaching on sandy farm fields. According to early results, the use of Kura Clover as a living mulch cut leaching by as much as 60… Read More

Urban Greening
Posted: June 28, 2024

UMN Associate Professor Bonnie Keeler, PhD, Co-Director of Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (CSTEP), has co-authored a publication pointing to longstanding inequities in urban green infrastructure research and practices and advocating for a more “just, equitable, and sustainable future.” Green infrastructure projects provide a myriad of benefits for urban dwellers, but historically such investments haven’t been… Read More