Highly Portable and Cloud-Enabled Neuroimaging Research: Key Resources & Publications

Last updated April 10, 2024

This web page provides updates and disseminates resources related to an innovative project based at the University of Minnesota to conduct empirical research and generate evidence-based consensus recommendations for the ethical conduct of research using highly portable, cloud-enabled MRI in new and diverse populations in field settings. The project includes a national Working Group of top neuroethics, neurolaw, and neuroscience experts.

Highly-portable MRI, a transformative technology supported by the NIH BRAIN Initiative, will allow researchers to conduct population-based neuroscience research, including racial and ethnic minorities, rural, and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations that are currently underrepresented in neuroimaging research, and will accelerate research on brain biomarkers for neurodegeneration. This project is addressing fundamental challenges in field-based neuroimaging research such as informed consent, data privacy, and return of results. 

This web page includes publications and presentations supported by an NIH Neuroethics administrative supplement (2018-2019), an NIH Bioethics administrative supplement (2019-2020) and an NIH four-year grant on highly portable and cloud-enabled research (2020-24).

RF1 Working Group Members

Publications and Presentations

Key Resources:

Ethics and Legal Regulation of Field-Based Neuroimaging

Science and Technology of Highly Portable MRI