Advanced Technologies for the Preservation of Biological Systems (ATP-Bio)

The Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Advanced Technologies for the Preservation of Biological Systems (ATP-Bio) aims to “stop biological time” and radically extend the ability to bank and transport cells, aquatic embryos, tissue, skin, whole organs, microphysiological systems (“organs-on-a-chip”), and even whole organisms through a team approach to build advanced biopreservation technologies.

John Bischof

John Bischof, PhD
Director and Principal Investigator, ATP-Bio
Director, Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Carl and Janet Kuhrmeyer Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Medtronic-Bakken Endowed Chair for Engineering in Medicine



Mehmet Toner

Mehmet Toner, PhD
Deputy Director and Co-Principal Investigator, ATP-Bio
Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Center for Engineering in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Harvard Medical School
Founding Co-Director, The Institute for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, a division of Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, BioMEMS Center, Mass General