UMN-Trained Entrepreneurs Developing Portable MRI Scanner

Torres and Jenkins
April 1, 2024

Thanks in part to initial seed money from UMN’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute’s Office of Discovery and Translation (ODAT), a new low-cost, portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner may soon be commercially available. Efraín Torres, PhD, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, and Parker Jenkins, PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, have developed a lightweight, tabletop scanner that is completely silent as high-quality images are captured. Co-founders of the startup company Adialante that will bring the groundbreaking device to market, Torres and Jenkins expect the scanners to expand access to the imaging technology around the globe. As a graduate student, Torres was funded in part by the Consortium’s NIH/NIMH grant on "Highly Portable and Cloud-Enabled Neuroimaging Research." He continues to participate in the project.