Big Data Coursework for Computational Medicine

Big Data
Award Amount
Project Dates
09/29/2014 to 12/31/2017
Principal Investigator

Jyotishman Pathak, PhD (Cornell University)
Claudia Neuhauser, PhD (University of Minnesota)
Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH (Johns Hopkins University)


Hongfang Liu, PhD (Cornell University)
Vipin Kumar, PhD (University of Minnesota)
Gyorgy Simon, PhD (University of Minnesota)
David Pieczkiewicz, PhD (University of Minnesota)
Susan M. Wolf, JD (University of Minnesota)
Nilay Shah, PhD (Mayo Clinic)
Lila Rutten, PhD, MPH (Mayo Clinic)
William Crown, PhD (Optum Labs)
Murthy Devarakonda, PhD (IBM Research)
Carlos Sosa, PhD (Cray Supercomputers Inc.)

This 3-year program developed a research educational program – Big Data Coursework for Computational Medicine (BDC4CM) – that instructs students, fellows, and scientists in the use of specific new methods and tools for Big Data by providing tailored, in-depth instruction, hands-on laboratory modules, and case studies on Big Data access, integration, processing, and analysis. Offered by highly interdisciplinary and experienced faculty from Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, this program provides a short-term training opportunity on Big Data methods and approaches for: (1) data and knowledge representation standards; (2) information extraction and natural language processing; (3) visualization analytics; (4) data mining and predictive modeling; (5) privacy and ethics; and (6) applications in comparative effectiveness research and population health research and improvement. The primary educational goal is to prepare the next generation of innovators and visionaries in the emerging, multidimensional field of Big Data Science in healthcare, as well as to develop a future workforce that fulfills industry needs and increases U.S. competitiveness in healthcare technologies and applications.

Project outcomes

  • July 12-19, 2015 -- Big Data Boot Camp in Rochester, MN
  • July 9-16, 2016 -- Big Data Boot Camp in Rochester, MN
  • July 10-17, 2017 -- Big Data Boot Camp in Rochester, MN