One of the Consortium's primary goals is to produce original intellectual work on the societal implications of biomedicine and the life sciences and we have published widely in areas such as genetics, genomics, and nanomedicine. For example, in April 2012, Genetics in Medicine published a special issue and consensus article from the Consortium that offered the first recommendations on whether and how to discuss individual research results and incidental findings with people who contribute their specimens and data to biobanks and archived data sets.

Below, you can access and download the many symposia and articles generated by the grants we've been awarded.

Published symposia resulting from research

Individual Articles and Publications

Bishop JR, Huang RS, JT, Mroz P, Johnson SG, Allen JD, Bielinski SJ, England J, Farley JF, Gregornik D, Giri J, Kroger C, Long SE, Luczak T, McGonagle EJ, Ma S, Matey ET, Mandic PK, Moyer AM, Nicholson WT, Petry N, Pawloski PA, Schlichte A, Schondelmeyer SW, Seifert RD, Speedie MK, Stenehjem D, Straka RJ, Wachtl J, Waring SC, Van Ness B, Zierhut HA, Aliferis C, Wolf SM, McCarty CA, Jacobson PA. Pharmacogenomics education, research and clinical implementation in the state of Minnesota. Pharmacogenomics 2021;22(11):681-691. Download PDF (482.94 KB)
Marchant G, LeRoy B, Clatch L, Clayton EW. Unjust Timing Limitations in Genetic Malpractice Cases. Albany Law Review 2020;83(1):61-87. Download PDF (246.17 KB)
Evans BJ. The Streetlight Effect: Regulating Genomics Where the Light Is. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2020;48(1):105-118. Download PDF (179.55 KB)
Marchant G, Barnes M, Evans JP, LeRoy B, Wolf SM. From Genetics to Genomics: Facing the Liability Implications in Clinical Care. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2020;48(1):11-43. Download PDF (371.92 KB)
Johnson KB, Clayton EW, Starren J, Peterson J. The Implementation Chasm Hindering Genome-informed Health Care. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2020;48(1):119-125. Download PDF (120.67 KB)

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