Prof. Francis Shen Co-Authors Study on Brain Imaging With Portable Low-Field MRI

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Professor Francis Shen JD, PhD, co-authored a recent article in Nature Reviews Bioengineering reviewing the emergence and potential applications of portable low-field MRI technology. The article addresses translational, safety, and resource considerations. It also details how this technology may open up new opportunities for neuroimaging in conditions such as stroke, cardiac arrest, and multiple sclerosis, and pave the way for democratization of MRI. The work was supported by an NIH-funded grant based in the Consortium on Law and Values titled, Highly Portable and Cloud-Enabled Neuroimaging Research: Confronting Ethics Challenges in Field Research with New Populations. The Principal Investigators are Profs. Shen (Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics), Susan M. Wolf, JD (U of M Law School, Medical School, and Consortium on Law and Values), and Frances Lawrenz, PhD (U of M Department of Educational Psychology and OVPR).