Prof. Andrew Maynard Collaborates with ChatGPT to Design Online Interactive Course

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Andrew Maynard, PhD, of Arizona State University’s (ASU) School for the Future of Innovation in Society, has teamed-up with ChatGPT to create an undergraduate course on ChatGPT Prompt Engineering (some of the course-related resources are available here).  Professor Maynard's innovative collaboration is discussed in a recent Inside Higher Ed article, along with other projects in which educators leverage AI technology to create personalized learning experiences. By integrating ChatGPT, students receive real-time feedback, personalized tutoring, and engaging discussions, revolutionizing the landscape of online education. This transformative approach has the potential to enhance student outcomes and accessibility, offering a glimpse into a future where the fusion of human expertise and AI capabilities redefine the learning journey. Prof. Maynard is a member of the Consortium's Ethics and Public Policy Panel, which advises both the Consortium's NSF-funded bioengineering research project, NetEthics, as well as ATP-BioSM, a Consortium member center.  

Written in collaboration with ChatGPT.