Wolf, Co-PIs Awarded Grand Challenges Pharmacogenomics Grant

Monday, January 28, 2019

The University of Minnesota's Grand Challenges Research Initiative (GCRI) has awarded a grant to a team led by Co-PIs Pamala Jacobson, Constantin Aliferis, Catherine A. McCarty, and Consortium Chair Susan M. Wolf. The funding will support an ambitious project entitled, "Toward Pharmacogenomics-Enabled Healthcare at Statewide Scale: Implementing Precision Medicine." In 2016, the University of Minnesota established the GCRI as part of its Strategic Plan. During the initial round of funding, the Minnesota Precision Medicine Collaborative (MPMC) was created to pioneer the use of 21st century technologies – including genomics, informatics, bioengineering, analysis of environmental exposures, and behavioral sciences – to tailor health care to the challenges facing individuals and their communities. The new grant, MPMC II, will extend the MPMC's work in creating interdisciplinary approaches to translate precision medicine research into clinical use. For more on MPMC II, click here