Profs. Francis Shen & Susan Wolf on Emerging Ethical Issues with Highly Portable MRI

brain image
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Profs. Francis Shen, Susan Wolf, and co-authors recently published “Emerging ethical issues raised by highly portable MRI research in remote and resource-limited international settings,” in NeuroImage. Preparation of this article was supported by an NIH Bioethics Supplement. The authors argue that field-based international research with new, more portable MRI technology can expand the inclusion of underrepresented populations and advance understanding of brain development and disorders, but must address key ethical, legal, and societal challenges. Conducting this research in low- and middle-income countries requires collaboration with and benefit to local communities and research participants throughout the process. Prof. Shen is an affiliate faculty member of the Consortium, and Prof. Wolf chairs the Consortium. Co-authors include Prof. Damein Fair, co-director of the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, a Consortium member center, as well as Profs. Michael Garwood, Monica Luciana, Kelvin Lim, Jed Elison, and Kendrick Kay from the University of Minnesota and U.S. as well as international collaborators. Read the article on the NeuroImage website.