2013-14 Awards

The Consortium issued an intramural RFP to graduate and professional students in February, 2014 to graduate and professional students. The RFP was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the summer 2014 or academic year 2014-15. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated proposals from 34 students in 23 programs around the University.

Five awards were made for a total of $34,269:

  1. Twin Cities High Utilizers: A Patient-Centered Approach to Address the High Cost of Health Care—Dorothy Curran, MD student, Medical School; Liz Kapella, MPH student, School of Public Health; Roma Patel, Joint Degree student in Law and School of Public Health; Alex Roseman, MD student, Medical School; Dave Schutt, MHP student, School of Public Health; Hannah Thompson, MD student, Medical School ($7,000 awarded). View Proposal   View Report   View Article about Project
  2. Food as Medicine: Exploring Community Members’ Views, Values, Benefits, and Barriers to Traditional Foods and Traditional Food Practices: A Photovoice Project—Miligis Gonzalez, MPH, PhD student, School of Public Health ($6,984 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  3. What is the Optimal Price of Carbon to Compensate Farmers’ Profit Loss from Conservation?—Suhyun Jung, PhD student, Applied Economics ($6,292 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  4. Positive and Negative Perceptions of Labor and Birth among Burmese Refugees in Thailand: Perspectives from New Mothers and Care Providers—Anjali Madeira, MN and DNP student, School of Nursing ($6,993 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  5. Examining the Gap Between a Morally Valid Consent and a Legally Adequate Consent, Entiende?—Laura Pigozzi, PhD student, CLA ($7,000 awarded). View Proposal   View Report