2010-11 Awards

The Consortium issued an internal RFP to Consortium members and Joint Degree Program partners and an intramural RFP in November 2010 to University of Minnesota graduate/professional students.

Consortium/JDP Members
In November 2010, we issued an internal Request for Proposals to Consortium member centers and graduate or professional programs or departments participating in the Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences seeking funding for research, projects, or colloquia in summer 2011 or academic year 2011-12. Applicants were current University of Minnesota faculty members who (1) direct a program or center represented in the Consortium or (2) serve as the head or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) of a department or graduate or professional program represented in the Joint Degree Program.

These grants are made possible by funds received through the Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiative Process. In October 2003, President Robert Bruininks named the Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences one of eight Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

Two awards were made for a total of $46,011:

  1. Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy (Steve Kelley, Jennifer Kuzma, Kathryn Quick), Public/Expert Boundary Work in Environmental Risk Management: The Emerald Ash Borer ($27,500 awarded). View Proposal    View Report
  2. Institute of Human Genetics (Brian Van Ness, Bonnie LeRoy, Patricia McCarthy Veach), Every Picture Tells a Story: Effects of Phonuitographic Images on Perceptions and Attitudes about Genetic Conditions ($18,511 awarded). View Proposal

Graduate and Professional Students
The RFP to graduate and professional students was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the Summer 2011 or academic year 2011-12. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated proposals from 33 students in 24 programs around the University. Seven awards were made for a total of $52,259:

  1. Let Them Graze Ducks! Using Agent-based Modeling of the Village Poultry Sector in Thailand to Identify Measures that Control Influenza Transmission while Mitigating Negative Socioeconomic Impacts—Amanda Beaudoin, PhD student, Veterinary Medicine ($9,018 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  2. Chinese Green Capitalism and Urban Sustainability: The Cases of Shanghai’s Dongtan Eco-City and Tianjin Eco-City—I-Chun Catherine Chang, PhD student, Geography ($9,420 awarded). View Proposal   View Report 
  3. The Ecological Roots of a Religious Crisis: Holy Land Ecology, Religious Belief, and Environmental Policy—Joshua Mabie, PhD student, English ($6,581 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  4. Precarious Waters and Questionable Futures: Origins of Scarcity and State-Building in Syria—Basil Mahayni, PhD student, Geography ($6,875 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  5. "We Get Patients": Understanding the Culture of Patient Recruitment Organizations—Elita Poplavska, PhD student, Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems ($6,379 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  6. Mapping Climate Change Policy in New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme—Phillip Claude-Dziuk Vaughter, PhD student, Conservation Biology ($4,060 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  7. Linking Non-Governmental Organizations, Water Law, and Community Values: Lessons from Western Kenya—Valerie Were, PhD student, Natural Resources Science and Management ($9,926 awarded). View Proposal   View Report