BioTechnology Institute Research on Synthetic Biology May Revolutionize Science

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s BioTechnology Institute are using synthetic biology to create new forms of DNA that will eventually produce products useful to humans, such as drugs for treating disorders like stroke or Parkinson’s disease. They also aim to discover new ways to modify features of complex organisms to control the spread of disease or the destruction of fragile ecosystems. Prof. Michael Smanski, a McKnight Land Grant Professor with the College of Biological Sciences, leads several projects related to synthetic biology, and is currently working with BioMade, a Department of Defense funded national Manufacturing Innovation Institute located at the University of Minnesota, to develop ways to manufacture new biological products on a commercial scale. The BioTechnology Institute is a Consortium member center. Read more about Prof. Smanski’s synthetic biology research on the BioTechnology Institute's website