Shen Presented American Law Institute’s Early Career Scholars Medal

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Professor Francis Shen, JD, PhD, was presented the American Law Institute’s Early Career Scholars Medal at their 2023 annual meeting. The award “recognizes outstanding law professors whose work is relevant to public policy and has the potential to influence improvements in the law.”  Prof. Shen is a principal investigator for Highly Portable and Cloud-Enabled Neuroimaging Research: Confronting Ethics Challenges in Field Research with New Populations, an NIH-funded grant based in the Consortium on Law and Values. Consortium Chair Susan Wolf, JD, and Frances Lawrenz, PhD, are also PIs on the grant. Shen is a faculty member in the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics and the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry, as well as an Affiliated Professor at Harvard Law School.