PLOS Initiative Promotes Open Science

Thursday, January 19, 2023

PLOS -- the Public Library of Science –is a leading nonprofit publisher that seeks to make science and data publicly accessible. The organization recently published the first Open Science Indicators dataset (available for download from its website). The dataset defines and measures Open Science practices such as data sharing, and allows PLOS to estimate the rate at which these practices have been adopted by comparing PLOS articles to other articles in PubMed Central. Notably, the initiative aligns with the Biden-⁠Harris Administration’s declaration that 2023 will be “The Year of Open Science.”  Veronique Kiermer, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for PLOS, will present at the 8th annual Research Ethics Day Conference, “What Makes Your Research Trustworthy? Threats and Opportunities.” Dr. Kiermer’s session is titled “What Do Journals Expect? From Review and Publication to Concern and Retraction.” Find more information and register for the conference on the Consortium website