2011-12 Awards

The Consortium issued an internal RFP to Consortium members and Joint Degree Program partners and an intramural RFP in November 2011 to University of Minnesota graduate/professional students

Consortium/JDP Members
In November 2011, we issued an internal Request for Proposals to Consortium member centers and graduate or professional programs or departments participating in the Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences seeking funding for research, projects, or colloquia in summer 2012 or academic year 2012-13. Applicants were current University of Minnesota faculty members who (1) direct a program or center represented in the Consortium or (2) serve as the head or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) of a department or graduate or professional program represented in the Joint Degree Program.

These grants are made possible by funds received through the Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiative Process. In October 2003, then-President Robert Bruininks named the Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences 1 of 8 Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

We made 1 award, totaling $25,848:

  1. Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy (Steve Kelley, Leili Fatehi), Ethical Expectations for Social Robots: A Cross-Sector ExplorationView Proposal   View Report 

Graduate and Professional Students
The RFP to graduate and professional students was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the Summer 2012 or academic year 2012-13. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated proposals from 40 students in 21 programs around the University. Ten awards were made for a total of $81,767:

  1. Bullets and Bald Eagles: Developing a Model for Dealing with Conflicts in Ecosystem Health—Irene Bueno-Padilla, MPH student, College of Veterinary Medicine ($7,602 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  2. Microturbines and 'Cost-Free' Electricity in Rural Honduras: But for Whom…and For How Long? A Spatial Analysis of Marginalization and Empowerment—Jeff DeGrave, PhD student, Geography ($7,850 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  3. Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators to Participation in a Family-Oriented Prevention Program in the Latino Community: A Mixed Methods Study—Diego Garcia-Haidobro, PhD student, Family Social Science($8,268 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  4. Time in the 'Great Recession': The Impact of the 2008/09 Economic Recession and Unemployment on Time Spent in Healthy Behaviors and with Family Members—Rachelle Hill, PhD student, Sociology ($4662 awarded).  View Proposal   View Report
  5. Improving National Forest Management by Linking Stakeholders to Wildlife Monitoring Activities in Taiwan—Chih-Chien Huang, PhD student, Conservation Biology ($8,943 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  6. What's in the Frogs' Water? Atrazine Concentration in Wetlands and Associated landscape Factors in the Upper Midwest—Jennifer Olker, PhD student, Integrated BioSciences Graduate Program ($9,952 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  7. Frontline Youth Work with Street Children and Youth in Nepal: Edge Work, Boundary Work, Hard Work—Sheetal Rana, PhD student, Social Work ($9,618 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  8. What Does the Environment Do for Us? Incorporating Environmental Assets into Poverty Dynamics—Martha Rogers, PhD student, Applied Economics ($9,910 awarded). View Proposal   View Report
  9. Genetic Counseling in South Africa: Comparison and Analysis of Session Goals between Patients and Genetic Counselors: A Two Part Investigation—Emily Sandberg, PhD, MS student, Genetic Counseling ($9,962 awarded).  View Proposal   View Report
  10. Using Novel Methods of Tuberculosis Detection to Understand Transmission Risk to Free-Ranging Great Apes Conditioned to Close Encounters with Humans—Tiffany Wolf, PhD student, Comparative and Molecular Biosciences ($5,000 awarded). View Proposal   View Report