2008-09 Awards

The Consortium issued an internal RFP to Consortium members and Joint Degree Program partners and two intramural RFPs in December 2008 to University of Minnesota faculty and graduate/professional students.

Consortium/JDP Members
In December 2008, we issued an internal Request for Proposals to Consortium member centers and graduate or professional programs or departments participating in the Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Life Sciences seeking funding for research, projects, or colloquia in summer 2009 or academic year 2009-10. Applicants were current University of Minnesota faculty members who (1) direct a program or center represented in the Consortium or (2) serve as the head or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) of a department or graduate or professional program represented in the Joint Degree Program.

These grants are made possible by funds received through the Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiative Process. In October 2003, President Robert Bruininks named the Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences one of eight Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiatives. One grant was awarded, totaling $27,566:

  1. Jeffrey Broadbent, Institute on the Environment, Development of a Public Use Website on the Social Dynamics of Global Climate ChangeView Proposal

Graduate and Professional Students
The RFP to graduate and professional students was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the Summer 2009 or academic year 2009-10. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated 43 proposals from students in 34 programs around the University. Six grants were awarded:

  1. Pathways Toward an Integrated Renewable Energy Certificate Market—Miriam Fischlein, PhD candidate, Natural Resource Science and Management ($6,926 awarded). View Proposal
  2. The Role of Sustainable Development in Rebuilding Post-Conflict Liberia—Alisha Hilde, JD/MPP candidate, Law School and Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs ($5,500 awarded). View Proposal
  3. Engineering Bodies, Engineering Futures: Geopolitics, State Conflict, and the Science of Biomimicry—Elizabeth Randolph Johnson, PhD candidate, Geography ($6,256 awarded).
  4. Donor Conceived Children and Their Fight for Knowledge: Using the Victorian Legislative Experience to Shed Light on Anonymity, Open Disclosure, and Access to Identifying Information—Crystal Liu, JDP student, Law School and School of Public Health ($6,282 awarded). View Proposal
  5. Waste Scavengers (Recicladores) in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the Effect of Global Market Change on Informal Recycling Activities—Katrina Mitchell, Master of Urban and Regional Planning candidate, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs ($6,960 awarded). View Proposal
  6. Increasing Access to Oral Health Care: Enforcing Medicaid and CHIP Dental Provisions—Geeta Naidu, JDP student, Law School and School of Public Health ($5,000 awarded). View Proposal

We invited proposals to fund interdisciplinary research, projects, or curricular innovation on health, environment, or the life sciences in Summer 2009 or academic year 2009-10. One grant was awarded, totaling $7,239:

  1. Julia Ponder, Veterinary Population Medicine, Contemporary Issues in Ecosystem Health: Developing an Undergraduate Course. View Proposal