2003-04 Awards

In Spring 2004, we issued 3 Requests for Proposals(RFPs). One was for University of Minnesota faculty, one was for departments/programs/centers, and one was for graduate and professional students. We made 10 awards in 2003-04, for a total of $62,550. 

The RFP for faculty invited proposals to fund research, projects, or curricular innovation on the societal implications of problems in health, environment, or the life sciences. The Consortium made 4 awards:

  1. Building a Community of Scholars in Conservation Medicine—Prof. Jonathan Sellman, Medicine ($5000 awarded);
  2. Environmental Factors Influencing Bacterial Evolution: A Multi-Disciplinary Program in International Public Health—Prof. Randy Singer, Epidemiology ($9800 awarded); 
  3. The Science and Politics of Genetics and Reproduction—Prof. Murray Jensen, General College ($10,000 awarded); and
  4. End of Life Planning for Homeless Persons—Profs. John Song, Edward Ratner, Dianne Bartels, Center for Bioethics ($8000 awarded).

The RFP for programs/departments/centers invited proposals seeking matching funds for colloquia addressing the societal implications of problems in health, environment, or the life sciences. We made 2 awards:

  1. Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science, lectures in the 2004-05 Studies of Science and Technology Colloquium Series—Prof. C. Kenneth Waters, Director ($5000 awarded); and
  2. Center for Animal Health & Food Safety, colloquium on Geographic Information Systems (GIS): The Technical, Legal and Ethical Implications of the Integration of Information Systems for Animal and Human Health—Prof. Peter Davies, Leman Chair, and Shaun Kennedy, Associate Director ($2000 awarded).

Graduate and Professional Students
The RFP to graduate and professional students was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the summer of 2004 or academic year 2004-05. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated 57 proposals from students in 33 programs around the University, including programs on the Duluth campus. Four awards were made: 

  1. The Sources of Environmental Empowerment: A Cross-Natural Statistical Analysis of Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations, 1990-2000—Wesley Longhofer, PhD student, Sociology ($5250 awarded);
  2. Re-Mapping Expertise and the "Nature" of Environmental Management—Understanding Indigenous Knowledges in Practice—Annette Watson, PhD student, Geography ($7000 awarded);
  3. International Regulation of Genetically Modified Fish: Navigating Biosafety and Trade Policy Water—Timothy Patronski, MS student, Science, Technology & Environmental Policy ($5377.50 awarded); and
  4. The Impact of Federal Intellectual Property Policies and Recent Federal Circuit Court Fiat on Biomedical Research at Non-Profit Research Institutions—Wendy Thai, JD student, Law School ($5100 awarded).