2000-01 Awards

In 2000-01, we issued RFPs for the first time to graduate and professional students and faculty. We made 8 awards, totaling $53,750.

In early 2001, we issued an RFP for faculty proposals to fund interdisciplinary research, projects, or curricular innovation on health, environment, or the life sciences. We received 15 applications from faculty in 19 different departments. The Consortium made four awards: 

  1. Environmental Ethics: A Course for Undergraduates from Multiple Disciplines—Prof. Valerie Tiberius (Philosophy) (new course to be offered Spring 2002) ($5000 awarded);
  2. Safety First: Active Governance of Genetic Engineering for Environment and Human Health—Profs. Anne Kapuscinski (Fisheries & Wildlife; Institute for Social, Economic & Ecological Sustainability (ISEES)) and Larry Jacobs (Political Science; ISEES) (March 2001 workshop to create governing principles) ($10,000 awarded);
  3. The Politics of Breast Cancer: Health, Science, Environment, Advocacy and Policy—Profs. Sally Kenney (Humphrey Institute; Center on Women and Public Policy) and Kenneth Keller (Humphrey Institute; Chemical Engineering & Materials Science; Center for Science, Technology, and Public Affairs) (half-day forum Fall 2001) ($10,000 awarded);
  4. End of Life Care for the Medically Underserved: The Homeless and the Homebound—Prof. Edward Ratner (Medical School, Family Practice; Center for Bioethics), Prof. John Song (Medical School, Medicine; Center for Bioethics), and Associate Program Director Dianne Bartels (Center for Bioethics) (developing research tools) ($8950 awarded).

Graduate and Professional Students
In May 2001, the Consortium issued an RFP to graduate and professional students. We received 90 applications from students in over 40 different programs. We made four awards: 

  1. Science and Politics in International Environmental Negotiations: The Informational Requirements of Cooperation—Radoslav S. Dimitrov, Ph.D. candidate, Political Science ($3350 awarded);
  2. Taming the Hypervariable Witness: The Introduction, Stabilization and Contestation of DNA Typing in Law and Science, 1984-1994—Jay D. Aronson, Ph.D. candidate, History of Science and Technology ($4400 awarded);
  3. The Lumbee Indians: A Case Study in Identity and Genetics—Susan Parry, Ph.D. candidate, Philosophy ($5050 awarded);
  4. Conservation Land Use Laws in Island Landscapes: Planning and Decision-Making for Conflicting Land Uses—Fiona Nagle, Ph.D. candidate, Conservation Biology ($7000 awarded).