University Launches SPARC Research Collaborative

Amy Kircher
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The University of Minnesota has created a new resource for faculty and staff who want to pursue research but need additional support. The Strategic Partnerships and Research Collaborative (SPARC) is made up of an interdisciplinary team with a proven track record of successful grants. They offer insights into writing proposals, putting together teams, and reviewing grant applications to maximize their likelihood of success. SPARC is led by Katey Pelican, PhD, DVM, Principal Investigator of the USAID One Health Workforce Project, and Amy Kircher (left), DrPH, Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI), a Consortium member. The SPARC innovation hub is designed to provide expertise and infrastructure to members of the University community and outside partners who want to pursue large and complex research projects. Learn more here.