Susan Wolf Publishes New Book on End-of-life Care

Susan Wolf publishes new book on end-of-life care
Friday, May 24, 2013

Oxford University Press has just published a new book by Nancy Berlinger, Bruce Jennings, and Consortium founding chair Susan M. Wolf on termination of life-sustaining treatment and care of the dying. This book is the result of a 5-year process involving experts from across the country to revise and substantially expand The Hastings Center’s groundbreaking guidelines on end-of-life care first published in 1987. Wolf served as principal author of those widely-used guidelines, which were cited by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in the U.S. Supreme Court’s Cruzan decision. The new guidelines address death and dying in an era of health care reform and the book now considers end-of life care for children, the role of disability, advances in palliative care, plus debates over assisted suicide and euthanasia.