First-ever Baby Born in the US from a Transplanted Uterus

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Doctors at Baylor University​ say a woman who received a uterine transplant  has delivered a baby, the first time the surgery has worked outside of the Swedish hospital that pioneered the procedure. According to the Washington Post​, "The surgeries differ from other transplants in one major way: They’re not intended to be permanent. Instead, they give a woman enough time to conceive a child. In vitro fertilized eggs are transferred to the woman’s womb, and after the baby is born, the uterus is removed via surgery." University of Minnesota Law School​ student Katarina Lee analyzed the medical, ethical and legal ramifications of uterus transplants in a Consortium-funded research project; you can read her report here. Proposals are currently being accepted for this year's Consortium research grants, which are available to UMN graduate and professional students for work during the summer of 2018 and academic year 2018-19. The deadline for proposals is Feb. 12, 2018.