Busy Summer for U of MN Bee Squad

Volunteer helping little girl into protective bee suit
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The University of Minnesota Bee Squad is taking advantage of the warm weather to advance their mission of fostering healthy bee populations through community outreach. An article in the Star Tribune describes how members of the Squad are partnering with Urban Ventures to involve low-income Latinas – the self-described Reinas de Miel or Honey Queens – in beekeeping. Another program, “Healthy Honey Bees and Communities,” is supported by Consortium student research funds. Its goal is to explore the practicalities of establishing community apiaries in urban areas. (Left) Children participate in an event run by grantee Ana Heck (kneeling) and others to promote better understand of the importance of bee pollination to our food system. In another important development, the University has broken ground on a new Bee and Pollinator Research Lab on the St. Paul campus, to be led by entomologist Marla Spivak. You can view Dr. Spivak's TED talk on honeybee colony collapse here; there are more photos and updates of the Bee Squad's activities on Facebook