Susan Wolf in Boston Globe on Whole Genome Sequencing in Newborns

December 29, 2012

A tangled debate centers on newborns’ DNA,” quotes Prof. Susan M. Wolf, Founding Chair of the Consortium, on issues raised by newborn sequencing. Genetic testing in children has historically been limited to testing that is of health importance, allowing the child to make any further testing decisions later. Genome sequencing in newborns challenges this approach and raises difficult issues concerning return of results and incidental findings. Prof. Wolf is currently writing a book on this topic funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award. 

Breakthrough Consortium research published

Breakthrough Consortium research published

December 1, 2012

Consortium research has produced  the first systematic and comprehensive recommendations and analysis on protecting human participants in research on nanomedicine products, including drugs, devices, and gene therapy using nano-vectors. The recommendations appear in a symposium published in the current issue of The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, now available online.


Stem Cell Institute gets new director

November 28, 2012

Pediatric blood and marrow transplant physician Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, has been named director of the University of Minnesota’s Stem Cell Institute, a member of the Consortium on Law and Values. He will take the helm on January 1, when the institute’s current director, Jonathan Slack, PhD, steps down to return to his native England.

Susan M. Wolf, JD, Founding Chair of the Consortium

Susan Wolf on Biorepository Guidelines and Incidental Findings

October 1, 2012

Prof. Susan Wolf, an elected member of the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine (IOM), is part of an IOM committee that issued recommendations for the world’s largest tissue repository, which has its origin in the Civil War. Read more. Prof. Wolf is also quoted in a recent issue of Science. In the article,"Neuroethics: When a Brain Scan Bears Bad News," she says that "although clinicians have a legal 'duty to care' for their patients, scientific researchers are not legally bound or professionally trained to interpret brain scans diagnostically."


Prof. Hari Osofsky's new role

October 1, 2012

Associate Professor Hari M. Osofsky has been named Interim Director of the Consortium and the Joint Degree Program (JDP). She is stepping in as Prof. Susan M. Wolf, Consortium Founding Chair and JDP Founding Director, goes on sabbatical, her first since joining the University faculty. Prof. Osofsky has served as the Consortium’s Associate Director of Law, Geography and Environment since coming to the Law School in 2010.


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