2006-07 Awards

Consortium/JDP Members 
In Spring 2006, the Consortium issued a Request for Proposals (RFPs) to Consortium member centers and graduate or professional programs or departments participating in the Joint Degree Program (JDP) seeking funding for research, projects, or colloquia. These grants are made possible by funds received through the Presidential Interdisciplinary Initiative.

The Consortium made 3 awards totaling $77,611:

  • Profs. Kenneth Brooks, Dorothy Anderson, and Sherry Enzler, Graduate Studies Program in Natural Resources, Science & Management, Assessing the Success of and the Role of Law in Developing Structures to Protect Watershed Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services ($28,543 awarded);
  • Profs. Susan Foote, Beth Virnig, Stephen Parente, and Robert Town, Division of Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration, Mining Medicare Claims Data: How to Improve Quality and Value in Medicare ($16,212 awarded); and
  • Profs. Kenneth Keller, Elizabeth Wilson, Miriam Fischlein, and Tim Smith, Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Institutional Considerations for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Survey and Assessment of Conservation Improvement Programs in Minnesota ($32,856 awarded).

In November 2006, we issued RFPs for University of Minnesota faculty; for departments, programs, and centers; and for graduate and professional students to fund research, projects, or curricular innovation on the societal implications of problems in health, environment, or the life sciences.

The Consortium made 3 awards totaling $18,813:

  • Prof. David Andow, Entomology, Improving the International Capacity for Ecological Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Crops ($10,000 awarded);
  • Prof. Kathryn Hanna, Biology, and undergraduates Justin Miles and Sean Polster, Bursting the Boundaries of Scientific Discoveries: A Colloquium for Undergraduates ($3,200 awarded); and
  • Prof. Lynda Ellis, Lab Medicine and Pathology, A Workshop for Predicting the Fate of Chemicals in the Environment ($5,613 awarded).

The Consortium made 1 award totaling $5,000:

  • Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science and Studies of Science and Technology Program, Prof. C. Kenneth Waters, Studies of Science and Technology Program Colloquia, ($5,000 awarded).

Graduate and Professional Students
The RFP to graduate and professional students was intended to provide a stipend for research and writing in the Summer 2007 or academic year 2007-08. We were delighted that the RFP stimulated 45 proposals from students in 27 programs around the University.

Four awards were made totaling $21,217: 

  • Jeannie Shinozuka, PhD candidate, History, A "Contagious and Poisonous Yellow Peril?" Japanese and Japanese Americans in Public Health and Agriculture, 1890s-1950 ($7,000 awarded);
  • Hadas Kushnir, PhD candidate, Conservation Biology, Identifying the Causes of Human-Lion Conflict in Southeastern Tanzania ($7,000 awarded);
  • Rachel Brummel, PhD candidate, Conservation Biology, Burning through Boundaries: Science and Social Learning in Collaborative Wildfire Planning Groups ($2,000 awarded); and
  • Marianne Beth Samayoa, PhD candidate, History, Shaping Healthcare in Post-Colonial Latin American: Mexico, Guatemala, and Cuba in Transition ($5,217 awarded).